Relationship Coaching

Relationship governs our lives. From the most intimate, shared, loving & co-operative relationship to the chance encounter with a stranger on the street..

For many of us, it can be the single-most important factor in creating our sense of personal happiness & security. And those to whom we feel closest, most connected, can be a profound source of comfort & support to us - or not, as the case may be.

This special online coaching is designed for individuals encountering issues & problems in their closest relationships; and for couples wishing to resolve matters & feelings between them, in order to pursue a healthier & happier connection.

I work in what I believe to be a unique way. My understanding with regard to relationship is that it is the single greatest resource in reflecting our own consciousness. I call this mirror consciousness. I have used it extensively on myself, and believe it to be of immense value & benefit in both understanding the nature of relationship and what it's about, as well as how to understand the people one has attracted to oneself, and how best to view these relationships, as well as how best to interact within them.

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