Other-Life Reading

If you've ever experienced flash-backs, repeated occurrences of deja-vu, vivid recurring dreams, it is more than likely you are linked into unconscious memories from other lives, whether past, alternate or future. Most discussions involving re-incarnation tend to focus on past lives, but in reality there are many more possibilities and explanations.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I find these kind of Readings can greatly assist in informing our own present choices. Because I tend to find these experiences are sending us a message, from deep within our consciousness, that is informing us as to what is happening - or about to happen - in our present existence. It is often a way for our greater consciousness to tell us ..we've been there before: try something different this time.

Once the message is received (and we understand in which ways we must alter our present perception, focus or understanding), the dreams, flash-backs or deja-vus will invariably disappear. Their purpose has been served. If these experiences were upsetting, plaguing your life, or worse, it is doubly important you look at the message behind them. Since knowledge & awareness (Light information) brings relief through deeper understanding: to be en-lightened about something, or a particular situation, as it were. This sense of relief & understanding will then carry you forward in a far more positive & upbeat way.

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