Gary Cooper: Guided Visualisations, Shamanic Healing, Soul Readings, Past-Life Readings, Remote Viewing & Healing, Distant Healing, Personal Mentoring, Relationship Coaching, Online Courses in Self-Development



Guided Visualisation is an extremely potent, valuable & effective emotional-body healing technique, especially recommended for all debilitating phobias or blockages - the kind of issues holding us back from enjoying a fully-functional, happier existence. It is also a simple & pleasurable experience.


  • Guided Visualisation sessions usually take around 90mins.


  • To prepare for a session, you will need to set aside a clear period of about 2hrs free of interruptions, and ensure you are located in a space where it is possible to recline & relax comfortably, as well as receive your video or audio call online.


  • There is no written post-session report or transcript with this service, but you are most welcome to record the session for your own private use.

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