Energy Healing


Thanks to the precepts of Quantum Physics, we now understand a little better how Remote (Distant) Energy Healing can work, and why it is just as effective as if one were receiving a session in the same room. Since, in the Quantum field - where healing occurs - there is no time, space, separation: all is present, immediate & reflective of the intention of its observing consciousness.

This is an incredibly freeing insight, especially in our web-based age where the world is more and more connected in a virtual way. It is also wonderful to know that your healing thoughts, prayers, intentions are always present & effective wherever they are sent.


  • An online consultation is advised, prior to this healing.

  • Once agreed, a date & time will be set, and it will be recommended that you find a quiet, comfortable space in which you will not be disturbed, so that the energy can work most effectively within your system.

  • You will then receive 2 further consultations, one a week after the healing; the other after a month. This is to ensure everything is going well, and to ascertain that should any further healing be required, it can be discussed & agreed upon during these times.